It’s Monday morning as I type this and I can tell you I feel tired already. I’m sure most of you feel like the weekend was so short! Why!!! Who brought up the rule of a two day weekend anyway? In fact to me it feels like 1 day because my Sunday is filled with church activities. Ahn ahn couldn’t they have made 4 working days and 3 days weekend? I’m sure that would have been better even though I’m pretty sure we humans would still have gotten to the point of complaining about how short 3 days are.  Anyway, here I am whining about needing more days to rest when there are people praying fervently to get a job… Lord forgive me!

Everybody loves Saturdays, it’s the day you get to wake up late and be lazy but have to do the laundry, cook awesome meals, iron, clean the house, go to weddings, hang out with friends etc. Basically, it’s that day that you get to take care of yourself. For me it’s the only day I can churn out 3 square in the kitchen and hang out with Le boo.

This was an egg laden with vegetables breakfast, we were so full that we couldn’t have lunch but decided on an early dinner. In my mind I’m saying Dear Love, these people are tired of your story biko write the recipe abeg…..hahahahaha, let me freestyle oh jare.

Trivia: do you know that I had to use Google search to know the name of what I cooked? Yeah that’s me



5 eggs

2 sausages (can be replaced with diced beef)

3 yellow scotch bonnet (by now you should know i love yellow ata rodo, it brings a lil something to any dish)

1 Green bell pepper

Handful of parsley

1 Onion bulb

2 carrots

A handful of string beans aka green beans aka runner beans

1 knorr chicken seasoning cube


4 tablespoons of vegetable oil



Chop Carrots, Onions, sausages, peppers, String beans and roughly chop the parsley.

Break eggs into a bowl and whisk and add a little salt

Pour chopped parsley in the whisked eggs and set aside



TO START: In a non stick pan add the vegetable oil, (this can also be done in a stainless steel pan but you would need more oil) pour in your sausages and let them cook on both sides for about 2 minutes. Add the onions and yellow pepper and allow to sauté. Add in all vegetables (carrots, runner beans, green pepper) and let them cook slightly and then add a cube of knorr seasoning and a pinch of salt.


THE EGGS: Stir all the ingredients in the pan and taste. At this point you want the vegetables to be firm but still cooked (they shouldn’t taste raw and they shouldn’t be soft). Balance is the key.

You also want it to be tasty too. Remember that you have already added some salt to your eggs, therefore your veggies should taste ready to eat that way the dish will come out well balanced taste wise.

Now add in your eggs, make sure you spread it all over the pan and lower the heat.


TO FINISH: let your eggs set on low heat until they are cooked through but the top is slightly runny/creamy and serve as is, or turn the eggs over carefully to cook the other side.

I served mine with some Irish potatoes and it made an awesome and filling breakfast.


Don’t you just love the pretty colors…. Feast for the eyes Mhen… Match made in heaven.

Verdict by those who ate it: this is probably the best way to eat eggs

i’m so excited about the next post because it involves pasta, it would be uploaded within a day. meanwhile please subscribe to get recipes as uploaded. thank you. please leave a comment if you have suggestions, questions or any recipe you want me to feature.

Have a beautiful new week, My love to you…


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